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Dana Kawano

A tech veteran turned versatile artist, Dana Kawano’s work extends from stone sculpture, to a mixed media approach called transfigurism which she helped develop and most recently, avant garde dance company costume design. She’s a visual artist with an eye for integrating textiles, digital imagery and tactile objects. Her costumes span a range from conventional to elaborate wearable art installations.  Kawano works with choreographers from conceptual development to artist adornment achieving a strong cohesive blend of the visual with the interpreted messaging rendered through dance.  Versed in a multitude of art mediums, fearless to try new things and having a preference for unorthodox approaches, she layers undertones of spiritual, ethnic and social context reference materials to create costumes that are brought to life by the performing artists. Representative works include: Our Daily Bread – Deep Waters Dance Theater, Project Nunway – Rashad Pridgen, ShapeShifter Video shoot – Zakiya Harris, Adult – Laura Arrington, Body Politics – Amara Tabor Smith, Walking Distance – Amara Tabor Smith.





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