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Aveda Trashion Show

Ritual Wear - Honoring the Ancestor Spirits

Ernesto Meneses with Cetana Salon engaged me to work with him for this years Aveda Trashion Show. Catwalk for Water is an annual green carpet event where local Aveda salons band together to raise funds for Earth Month by showcasing their creativity in technical skills in hair, makeup and trashion.  Their goal is to create a comprehensive look that celebrates beauty, fashion and Aveda's mission to care for the world we live in.


Utilizing only recycled materials and staying within the material restriction guidelines, we embarked upon, what I would term 'urban foraging'.  Dry cleaner bags, clothing hangers, insulated bubblewrap, CD's and cellophane tape emerged as our staples. Working together in the conceptualization process, I then constructed this transparent dress and winged shoulder accessory while Ernesto riffed on the design of mook-up 3D glasses.


These photos are the result of our collaboration with Oscar Munoz working the runway for us.  


Awarded Best Trashion - Industrial Trash!!!


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