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Carnaval 2015

Latin Dance Groove - San Francisco

May 2015

Honored to create 4 costumes for these powerful women on the Carnaval float, I was asked by Elizabeth Soberanes to constructed contemporized versions of costumes, 2 representing the diety Oshum (gold) and 2 respresenting the diety Yemaya (blue).  Incorporating the characteristics of these women, I chose styles which would complement their natural features while imbuing the essence of the diety they were to represent.  Professional in their art of dance and devoted to their spiritual practices, these women brought the costumes to life through with their presence..  

Ritual Wear - Honoring the Ancestor Spirits
2015-05-24 10.19.18_edited.jpg
2015-05-24 10.10.36_edited.jpg
2015-05-24 12.45.59_edited_edited.jpg
2015-05-24 10.12.24.jpg
2015-05-24 10.19.18.jpg
carnaval 2015 for fb-1-17_edited.jpg
Oshun and Yemaja
Yemaya - Amara Tabor Smith
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