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Zakiya Harris - Shapeshifter Video Shoot

April 2014


“is when you look at a dimension of your life that’s working and you get into the vibratory field of that and you literally shift it into the area of your life where there’s stagnation.... because everything is energy it begins to quicken that particular area and you find yourself having tremendous insights and revelations that you didn’t know you could have...” Michael Beckwith



Creating two out of 4 Shapeshifter looks: (Business Warrior, Glamour, Chameleon/Dreamer,The Essence)


On the left, "The Warrior"

  • Character: Oya Business Warrior

  • Story: She needs to survive.  It’s about competence.  Its about that elegant balance between the harsh reality of business while maintaining feminine grace and style

Vintage yellow jacket reconstructed for a comtemporized look with red leather shorts - simple, professional, elegant and feminine.


On the right, "The Essence" 

  • Mood: Raw, nude

  • Story: She is self actualized, pisces, reborn, powerful and she knows it, sexy and she knows it. The veil is lifted, she no longer hides from herself or the world

Gauze wrap skirt, bandeau top and feathered headpiece


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